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This is in-depth teaching on Multidimensional Channelling to excel in your business delivery. 

Calling all Visionary Healers, Coaches and Spiritual Online Entrepreneurs

With guidance from Gennye Lion in your journey to becoming a powerful channel and achieve intuition mastery.

As we move through the great awakening at fast speed, our energy systems are upgrading, and we are laying the foundations energetically to become extra ordinary multidimensional channels. You might think of channelling as something only gifted people can do. You may imagine it involves bringing in a spiritual being, speaking in a strange voice, perhaps using a foreign language, or even light language.

This would specific cases which typically involve going into unconscious, or semiconscious, trance state. However, you do not necessarily need to be in a special esoteric trance to channel, in fact ordinary people do it without realising.

I am here to teach you how to channel, in the most beneficiary way for you and your business right now. The different ways of channelling can be differentiated in different categories such as Heart Channelling, Third Eye Channelling, Multidimensional channelling, Higher Self Channelling, Animal and Spirit Channelling and so forth. I will guide you towards which type of channelling would be best for you right now.


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Here's an overview of what you will be learning in this Channelling Course

Learn Different Types of Channelling 

You will expand upon this knowledge with a look at the various forms of channelling: trance, conscious, clairvoyant, and medium. From this foundation, you will go on to discover how channelling work, the benefits of taking charge of your destiny, how to cleanse your inner being and your energy, your Aura and channel, and how to recognise the signs of genuine channelling.

Become Spiritually Empowered

You may feel unsure how 'good' at channelling you will become. I'm here to empower you and help you refine your channel so you can trust it. You may have a belief that you can not do it, or being scared that you will channel the wrong guide, master etc. Each person will develop their own way of channelling and flow. It is ultimately your own connection to your Heart and your Higher Self that matters. 

Learn How To Activate Your Heart Space For Optimal Connection

Ultimately your gateway to Ascension, embodying your next level, channelling, and all spiritual growth, happens from your Heart space. I will teach you refined and state of the art tools that will easily connect you with your Heart space, on cue. This is an ongoing practice that I will encourage that you enhance as you grow. 

Learn The History Of Channelling

Research shows that all ancient societies had many forms of communication between the living and the Spirits. In the old days, this phenomenon is thought to be universal and only seems to come under scrutiny after the emerge of the monotheism in 1000 BC. Some people think channelling became popular because of the New Age Movement. Spirit Channelling became an increasingly popular practice along ancient cultures, with most communities having Spirit Channels or Psychic Mediums. You will learn in this course about old stories and prophets, Witch Doctors and Shamans, and other channels having the supernatural ability to communicate with the Spirit world.

Connect With Multidimensional Guides And Sources Of Energy 

Humanity is now becoming more able to channel multidimensionally. The reason for this is that we are becoming lighter and less dense in our personal energy. In this course you will learn how to connect to different sources of energy and multidimensional guides, also your ‘home’ planet and other civilisations. You will discover different categories of multidimensional channelling and learn to decide what feels good for you. Channelling is a very personal experience, and you will learn what you are meant to learn in this course, what is in your path right now as you raise in vibration and your mission is becoming clearer.

Using Channelling For Guidance In Your Business 

When you learn how to channel clearly and correctly this new tool can be used to give you guidance in your business. Once you become very good at channelling you will be able to channel new healing systems, new business strategies, new programs, new marketing ideas and so much more. You will be able to rely on this source of information for maximum success in business and impact. I believe most successful and impactful entrepreneurs channel much of their ideas, creativity, the information and innovation for their business development and growth. 

I will teach you to become a clear and powerful channel and show you how to trust the information you are getting in your channelling. 

Multidimensional Channelling Diploma Course


Here is what is included:

Instant access to a brand-new Soul Success Meditation:

As soon as you sign up you will receive an email with all details that you need and this wonderful meditation to help you access Success Consciousness and ground it into your body.

3 days of RECORDED teaching via Zoom and practice:

Day 1: History and Types of Channelling + Practicing
Day 2: Modern Channelling and Problem Solving + Practicing
Day 3: Spiritual Technology and Powerful Connections + Practicing


Online Course to support your learning:

MODULE 1: What is Channelling?

MODULE 2: Types of Channelling

MODULE 3: Channelling Ownership and Empowerment

MODULE 4: The History of Channelling

MODULE 5: Modern Day Channelling

MODULE 6: Prepare for Channelling

MODULE 7: Let the Channelling Begin

MODULE 8: Problems and Solutions When Channelling

MODULE 9: Spiritual Technology to Help You Channel

MODULE 10: Powerful Connections and Channelling for your Business


Online PDF Manual to support your learning


Certificate of attendance and knowledge from Gennye Lion Academy of Excellence


RESERVE YOUR SPACE! Become a Multidimensional Channel


3-day RECORDED Multidimensional Channelling Diploma Course

Pound Sterling 

($1,500 USD)

The Refined Teachings Of Multidimensional Channelling Techniques to Awaken Your Fullest Potential As an Online Entrepreneur and New Earth Leader. 

Get access to the online course, 3 days of RECORDED calls, a Success meditation, energy clearings, self-study courses and an incredible community. (I’m not called the Queen of over- delivering for nothing, with all the extra gifts and surprises I always add in for my clients.)

But, so much more than all of that, I know that this space will take you from feeling unsure about your Spiritual Gifts and how to use them FULLY in your Soul business, to resetting you fully, connected back to your Soul, so that YOU CAN…

Activate 100% self-belief in your Channelling skills

Activate your psychic superpowers and start creating your vision with ease

Navigate your life and business from the seat of your Soul

Feel good about being a Starseed and let go of the hiding

Connect with the other members and stop feeling like the odd one out being psychic and an empath

Let go of ALL the stories that are telling you, you can’t do it, you are not good enough, you are not powerful enough, etc.

Learn more about your mission in the Ascension process

Live your most authentic self, unapologetically 

Hi, I'm Gennye Lion, New Earth Mentor, Channel and Teacher, I help women visionaries, conscious entrepreneurs and CEO’s become embodied leaders through deep inner work and Lightbody Activations.

I support women to unlock their fullest potential, balance body and mind, balance life and business, to find Soul Success and achieve Self Mastery.

After working with 1000’s of people over the past 2 decades, helping them release their inner limitations, I’ve learned that the greatest Avatar is the one you have inside of YOU.

At age 23 I had a strong spiritual experience where I had a soul upgrade called a ‘reincarnation in the same body’. This left me feeling emotionally disjointed and confused about why I was here, what my purpose was and what I was meant to do with my life.

After 2 years of integrating this experience it spurred me into expanding my consciousness, and ever since I am a continuous learner of spirituality and personal growth. My purpose as a mentor became clear some years later when I had a Soul Contract Reading which empowered me to pursuit the deep calling to help others to find their purpose and mission so they can realise their dreams too.

I have devoted my life to become the finest instrument of healing and awakening to support humanity in the Ascension process.

On my journey I have trained and acquired the following credentials...

  • The Freedom Accelerator with Rose Radford Dec 2021 - 2022
  • July 2021, Divine Healing Master Key Level 5, Centre of Love and Enlightenment, Weybridge
  • Dec 2020 - Nov 2021, Shamanic Journeying 'The Circle' of Sarah Negus The Modern Shaman
  • Sep 2020 – present, Shift Co-Founder Member
  • Dec 2019 - Clearing The Human Blueprint, Centre of Love and Enlightenment, Weybridge
  • May 2019 –2020, Expert Freedom Online Marketing & Business Training
  • November 2018, Money Master Mind Coaching & Training, Cristina Bold, Money Mindset Coach, Portugal
  • January 2018 – 2019, Business Training for Coaches, Consultants & Professional Services, Grace Lever, Australia
  • December 2018, The Consult Project, The Doing Academy, Grace Lever, Australia
  • April 2018, Lotus Lightbody Training Advanced Modules, Center for Conscious Ascension, Walton-on-Thames
  • August 2017 – November 2018, The Genius Project, Grace Lever, Australia
  • May 2017 – July 2017, The Identity Project, Grace Lever, Australia
  • June 2016 – December 2017, Lotus Sword Lightbody Training, Center for Conscious Ascension, Walton-on-Thames
  • June 2014, Master Key Modules 1-4, Centre of Love and Enlightenment, Weybridge
  • July 2013, Soul Contract Reading Level 3, Center for Conscious Ascension, Walton-on-Thames
  • June 2013, Master Key Advanced Training, Centre of Love and Enlightenment, Weybridge
  • January 2013, Divine Healing Master Key Level 4, Centre of Love and Enlightenment, Weybridge
  • November 2012, The Dorn Method, Covent Garden, London (Dorn Method UK, Brigitte Nath, Stratford Upon Avon)
  • June 2012, Divine Healing Master Key Level 3, Centre of Love and Enlightenment, Weybridge
  • February 2012, Soul Contract Reading Level 2, Center for Conscious Ascension, West Byfleet
  • January 2012, Divine Healing Master Key Level 2, Centre of Love and Enlightenment, Weybridge
  • August 2011, Divine Healing Master Key Level 1, Centre of Love and Enlightenment, Weybridge
  • August 2011, Soul Contract Reading Level 1, Center for Conscious Ascension, West Byfleet
  • November 2010, Earth Healing through Dowsing, Alternative Ways, Deborah Rye, Cambridge
  • July 2007, Magnified Healing, Daisy Centre, Daisy Foss, London
  • Jan - Feb 2007, Thai Massage Practitioner and Thai Reflexology Training, Bangkok, Thailand
  • March 2006, Hot Stone Massage, School of Natural Therapies, Kingston, London
  • June 2005, Hopi Ear Candling qualification, School of Natural Therapies, Kingston, London
  • February 2005, The ‘Gober Method’, For the Strategy, Psychology & Language of Service, Heathrow, London
  • January 2005, Pregnancy Massage qualification, School of Natural Therapies, Kingston, London
  • March 2004, Aromatherapy Associates Specialised Treatments qualification, Aromatherapy Associates, London
  • June 2004, “No Hands” Massage Practitioner qualification, The No Hands Massage Company, UK
  • July 2003, Deep Tissue Massage Techniques qualification, Body Tissue Service Ltd, London
  • September 2001, Introduction to Indian Head Massage, The City Literary Institute, London
  • 2000-2001, Anatomy & Physiology and Body Massage, The City Literary Institute, London
  • January 2001, First Aid Certificate, St John Ambulance, The City Literary Institute, London
  • December 1999, Introduction to Counselling Skills and Theory, Central School of Counselling and Therapy, London
  • 1998 – 1999, Qualification in Astrological Interpretation, The Faculty of Astrology, London
  • 1991- 1993 Business and Marketing with emphasis on Sociology at Vaxjo University, Sweden

Plus I have worked with 1000's of individuals and healed deeply rooted trauma and conditions like PTST, Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Out of Body Trauma, Soul loss, Addictions, Physical Trauma, ME, MS, Bipolar Disorder, Walk-In-Integration, Reincarnation-In-The-Same-Body Integration and much more.

Having gained this extensive experience over the past 20 years has made me an incredibly strong and intuitive healer, channel and space holder. 

Today my passion lies in empowering people like yourself to activate your Spiritual Gifts, Grow your Conscious Business and help you activate your Channeling. I do this through deep inner work and Lightbody Activations, in my private 1:1 Mentorship Programs, Group Programs, Teaching and my membership Connected Soul Club.

I have had several Soul upgrades as a Channel myself so that I can bring refined energy to Earth in the great awakening, which we are right in the middle of. (!)

So I would like to invite you to find your Channel too and enroll to become a Certified Multidimensional Channel. 

A cutting edge blend of refined energy tools, somatic and specialized techniques for you to become a successful and masterful Channel for Conscious Entrepreneurship.

Pound Sterling 

($1,500 USD)