The Connected Soul Club is a Conscious Entrepreneurship Community for New Earth Leaders and Changemakers.


Only £44 ($60) per month


Are you ready to embark on the journey of Self Mastery as we transition into the New World?


This is a safe haven and tight knit community supporting your personal and spiritual growth. Helping you connect back to your spiritual centre and light together with other New Earth Leaders doing the same!

NOTE: You don't have to be an entrepreneur to join this community.


Get ready to:


 Connect with yourself deeply 

Let go of hard work and stress 

Dive deeper into your Soul Work 

Let go of your financial ledge 

Manifest more money and clients 

Heal deeply 

Set strong boundaries

Meet your guides and masters

Get clarity on your purpose 

 Increase your intuitive and psychic powers

Create a daily spiritual routine that works for you

 Declutter your life, your home and your business

Connect with your Divine Feminine and Masculine 

Connect with your Dark Feminine Powers, Lilith and Kali 


This is my focus daily, and this is how I live my life. I've created my own sanctuary, my own Heaven on Earth, and I want to share it with you. I know you have landed here for a reason – you were called to check this out, because your Soul knows what you need.


Your Soul is guiding you... to come back to YOU. 



You have come to this planet in this lifetime to help create a better world. To leave a legacy behind, and leave footprints behind, that generations to come, will talk about.

Yes, YOU.

I'm not here to mould you, shape you, or coach you into a form that is not YOU. I'm here to guide you so that you expand into the leader you were born to be.

Helping you unlearn your broken patterns and behaviour.

Over the past 20 years, I have found my own way of living in this broken world; a magical safe space, a container of love, truth, authenticity, leadership, and compassion.

And I want you to have that too. I want all the magical things that have happened to me, to happen to you too.

In 2017, when my dad died, only a couple of weeks later my Soul showed me that I was to create a space and a community for Light seekers and visionaries. At the time I was not online, ... so I started taking action on my vision. It's been 3 years of expansion, learning new skills as an online entrepreneur, building a strong business with thousands of followers. In this time, I’ve created several group coaching programmes. I refined my 1:1 coaching container, created online courses and teachings, and established a thriving Facebook Group and Community. And there have been many happy clients getting incredible results in their personal lives and their businesses.

The time has come. The baby I had a vision of in 2017 is finally here.



A safe haven and tight knit community allowing you to be free and YOU. 


Supporting you in your Soul journey and spiritual growth, where you will create lifelong friends who share the same ideas and visions as you, as a New Earth Leader.

Here's an overview of the magic that is available to you inside the Connected Soul Club.

Monthly Coaching: Higher Love Mentoring Call

A once-a-month group call hosted by Gennye Lion where she works with students on their biggest challenges related to Ascension, energy, business, money, success + overall happiness.

Monthly Meditation: Starseed Transmission

A once-a-month online meditation. A variation of deeply transformative and enlightening meditations to support your Ascension process and personal growth.


Connect to a worldwide network of like-minded people and make lifelong friends. Share your passions and values. This is a Sisterhood and Brotherhood for the citizens of the world connecting us in the Great Awakening. 

Self-Study Courses on Cue! 

Including the Ascension Clearing Kit, the most revolutionary Energy Clearing Kit on Earth! + The Equilibrium 5 Day Masterclass, Poised Visibility Masterclass, 
Meditation and Goddess Activation Library, and a Soul Business Category. 

Exclusive Membership Site 

Your own password-protected membership login where you get access to all the trainings, audios, resources and more from laptop or mobile anytime, anywhere. This is where you connect with your sisters and brothers in a tight-knit Soul Community.

Regular Emails from Gennye Lion  

Start every month feeling thrilled to be on this journey; inspired, ready to set goals guided by your Soul, ready to take action on your new-found insights and feeling 100% supported in this sacred container, allowing you to expand into a limitless existence.

And so much more! Limitless delivery of connection, 5D activations and energy transmissions.

Get instant access to powerful meditation, activation and alignment audios as soon as you sign up for the Connected Soul Club.

Here's just a glimpse of the 50+ meditations and activations that are waiting for you right now.

Wild Woman Meditation 

Money Manifesting

Egyptian Portal Activation Meditation 

Quantum Leap Meditation 

Shamanic Journey Meditation 

Divine Feminine and Maculine Meditation 

Gratitude and Abundance Meditation 

Lion's Gate Manifestation Activation  

Grounding Your Energies Meditation 

Dive into every audio, training and resource so you can continue to raise your vibration and manifest the life that you desire. 

Get access to all the activations, live calls, meditations, energy clearings, self-study courses and incredible community, and so, so much more. (I’m not called the queen of over- delivering for nothing, with all the extra gifts and surprises I always add in for my clients.)

But, so much more than all of that, I know that this space will take you from feeling stuck, spinning, even struggling to find where you belong, your purpose or with starting your own Soul business, to resetting you fully, connected back to your Soul, so that YOU CAN:


Activate 100% self-belief to achieve MORE by doing LESS – activate FLOW

 Rewire your money mindset to allow more money and flow into your business and life

Activate your psychic superpowers and start manifesting like a Queen

Remove all the hidden energy blocks that are standing in the way of your success

Let go of ALL the stories that are telling you, you can’t do it, you are not good enough, you are not powerful enough, etc.

Cut to the chase and start manifesting money, clients, love and good health NOW


And every month, along with our LIVE coaching calls, I will also be hand-picking powerful Facebook Lives and Masterclasses for you, recorded this year. Plus, you’ll get instant access to any previously released masterclasses; these will be added as the vault grows.


And... you'll get the Ascension Clearing Kit and powerful Goddess Activations when you join TODAY!


Get instant access to ...

#1 - THE ASCENSION CLEARING KIT (Value £555 – but priceless)

Discover 11 energy clearings filled with Higher Light transmissions; providing deep clearings of the subconscious; and healing the past, trauma and your ancestral bloodline to help you rise in vibration and let go of limitations, stress and abundance blocks.

There is one group LIVE coaching session and one monthly LIVE meditation inside the membership. All replays will be available inside the membership afterwards.  

I’m sooo excited to serve you, and I know that you are too!

It's time to enter this Haven...

Because I’m so confident in this work and the transformation it brings, and because I believe so deeply in it, I’ve opened enrolment at a very special price so you can join this powerful space no matter where you’re at in life or business .

My Private Coaching is £7,500

And my Business Success group coaching  is £4,795


Join Connected Soul Club this month and receive new live trainings, monthly masterclasses, activations, manifestations and meditations.You are going to love it! 

Get instant access now!


Only £44 ($60) per month

You can cancel any time.

Yes, I'm ready to join the Connected Soul Club!

I AM in!

Take a deep breath, put your hand on your heart and tune in. What is your heart telling you?

What would it look like to choose connection, belonging, love and FREEDOM?

How would it feel to be supported in a high-quality healing and coaching container, together with like-minded people?

If it feels right, then it will be. Everything is working out exactly as it should. 

Here is a glimpse of what you can look forward to inside the Connected Soul Club:


Monthly Mentoring Call:

A once-a-month group call hosted by Gennye Lion where she works with students on their biggest challenges related to Ascension, energy, business, money, success, and overall happiness.

Monthly Meditation:

A once-a-month online meditation, a variation of deeply transformative and enlightening meditations to support your Ascension process and personal growth.

The Equilibrium 5 Day Masterclass

A deep dive course for New Earth Leaders to unlock their Divine Truth, Power and Love.

Poised Visibility 3 Day Masterclass

To become more magnetic and visible online as a business owner.  

Master Class: Unlock Your Soul Work Impacting Millions:

Receive a master class created by Gennye Lion, discover 3 areas which are pivotal to your soul business success:

Secret #1: How To Unlock Your Soul-Work With Sacred Numerology, Secret #2: How To Stay On Top Of Your Game Without Burning Out, Secret #3 How To Monetise Your Soul-Work Without The Overwhelm

Weekly Star Dust Injection:

Inspiration and Guidance on Ascension and Conscious Business Entrepreneurship in the FB group and Connected Soul Club Community

Self-study Course: The Ascension Clearing Kit:

The most revolutionary Energy Clearing Kit on Earth! 11 hours of healings and energy clearing + 5 master classes on the topic of Ascension. Clear and heal your limitations, energy blocks and negative self-talk – on cue! 

Private Discussion Group:

Access to the Connected Soul Club Private Discussion Group to give and receive ongoing support, inside the Membership portal.

Worldwide Networking:

Connect to a worldwide network of like-minded people to build your business and make lifelong friends.

Meditation and Activation Library:

Access to Meditations and Light activations, The Lion’s Gate Merkabah Manifestation Activation and much more!

Monthly Emails from Gennye Lion


And So Much More!

Hey, I'm Gennye Lion

Hi, I'm Gennye Lion, Mentor and Teacher, I help women visionaries become impactful New Earth Leaders through deep inner work, business education and Lightbody Activations.

I support women to unlock their fullest potential, balance body and mind, balance life and business, to find Soul Success and achieve Self Mastery.

After working with 1000’s of people over the past 2 decades, helping them release their inner limitations, I’ve learned that the greatest Avatar is the one you have inside of YOU.

At age 23 I had a strong spiritual experience where I had a soul upgrade called a ‘reincarnation in the same body’. This left me feeling emotionally disjointed and confused about why I was here, what my purpose was and what I was meant to do with my life.

After 2 years of integrating this experience it spurred me into expanding my consciousness, and ever since I am a continuous learner of spirituality and personal growth. My purpose as a mentor became clear some years later when I had a Soul Contract Reading which empowered me to pursuit the deep calling to help others to find their purpose and mission so they can realise their dreams too.

Yes, I'm ready to join the Connected Soul Club!

I AM in!