Raise Your Vibration and Change the World

£247.00 GBP

This workshop is a 10-day Online Retreat which will help you come into alignment with your mission further. It has incredible journaling prompts together with insightful teachings which will help you raise your vibration, as well as elevating your view of what is possible for you! 

What you'll get:

  • Day 1:  Remember You Are Guided
  • Day 2: Fill Your ‘Holes’ With Light
  • Day 3: Your Anthem
  • Day 4: Walking Together
  • Day 5: Your Light Is Needed
  • Day 6: Simple 5 Steps To Raise Your Vibration
  • Day 7: You’re In It For Life
  • Day 8: Make Waves
  • Day 9: Hear Your Calling And Inner Voice
  • Day 10: Create A Life On Your Terms

This course will help you move forward with your mission, with ease. You will tap into Higher Consciousness and magical vibrations by simply attending the teachings and complete the journaling prompts!


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Discover your full potential with the help of the simple techniques and exercises in this practical step-by-step guide.