Womb Power Wisdom Activation

£222.00 GBP

Tap into your Divine Goddess and Unlock the Source of Infinite Creation. For millennia, people have worshipped the Divine Mother’s Womb. They recognize the Womb as the sacred place we come from, the source of all life, creation, and possibilities.

This course will help you manifest by activating the original female powers residing in your Womb,

What you'll get:

  • 1 X Masterclass on Womb Power and Womb Wisdom
  • 1 X Deep Healing, Clearing and Activation of your Manifestation DNA embedded in your Womb DNA. 
  • 1 X Workbook with incredible deep insights and prompts to heal your Womb deeply. 

You are advised to use this activation as often as you wish; the healing will go deeper each time. 

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