Soul Aligned Money Making Workshop

£444.00 GBP

Are you ready to crush and remove your old money story and you lack mindset?

What you'll get:

  • 3 energy tools to remove your money blocks, over and over, going deeper each time
  • 4 master classes to shift your money mindset, from poverty to success mind frame installed into body, Soul and mind
  • Tangible worksheets to help you work through your relationship with money and practical advice to cut costs and save money



Lesson 1: Finding The Roots Of Money Blocks 

Lesson 2: 3 Ways To Clear Money Blocks

Lesson 3: The Negative Beliefs Crusher

Lesson 4: EFT Tapping for Abundance

Lesson 5: Identify Your Financial "Saviour" and Release It

Lesson 6: Shifting negative money energy into magical energy 

Results you can expect from joining the program:

  • Increase your receiving container so you can easily hold higher levels of wealth 
  • Feel good about getting wealthy
  • Have unexpected money coming into your life, personally and in your business
  • Become a magnet for money energetically 
  • Shift your levels of awareness, so you make good money decisions in your life

What People Are Saying:

Gennye is a master at helping you unblock things, whether in your business or relationships. She has a feast of resources and experience to draw on that can be applied to so many aspects of life. The clearing kit is really very powerful and was a complete pleasure to experience. Would not hesitate recommending Gennye for anyone looking to improve their energy in business and life.


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