The Queendom Calibrations

30 day manifesting and energetic alignment program for New Earth leader women who lead with power and love, healing and honoring their womanhood whilst embodying their Divine Purpose. 


You are a woman and a New Earth leader ready to claim your spot taking this world into the New Paradigm 

You believe in equality, you believe in a healthy and wealthy world where everyone thrives. You believe in co-creation and unity. 

You belong to a new breed of women millionaires in the making creating huge shifts in the Consciousnesses of the planet.


The Queendom Calibrations will calibrate your energetic system so you can hold more power and love. With magnetic energy you will learn how to manifest with more ease. With this energetic frequency you will show up fully present for yourself, in your business, and in your relationships.



Feeling more connected, on purpose and empowered, you will take action on your wildest dreams. Nothing will stand in between you and your desires any more. This journey is a deep place where you will find yourself again. For the first time you will hold yourself with certainty, emotionally and energetically. 


In this world of duality and turmoil you will find your inner Haven and from this space you create your masterpiece. When the world still demand your attention, you know how to use your energy and balance your life with ease. Through self love, self inquiry and applying energetic boundaries you will access your Equilibrium on cue. 

This is an 11-module program with LIFETIME ACCESS.

Lifetime access gives you time to activate, embody, integrate, and upgrade your Queendom qualities.

In this program you will learn how to lead yourself as a woman in a world that is forever changing.

The power of Queendom presence in your life and business.

The energetics of being a whole woman who is modern, magical, powerful, and mystical.

Being a pioneer in how you do things as a New Earth leader, as it has never been done before. 

Your number one tool for navigation is your intuition and Divine Connection. 


MODULE 1: Feminine Energy

MODULE 2: Boundaries 

MODULE 3: Radical Self Acceptance

MODULE 4: Emotional Intelligence 

MODULE 5: Money Mastery

MODULE 6: Duality Wisdom

MODULE 7: Time Travel

MODULE 8: Reclaiming Magik

MODULE 9: Womb Portal 

MODULE 10: Alignment

MODULE 11: Embodiment 


The Queendom Calibrations 

30 day manifesting and energetic alignment program for New Earth leader women who lead with power and love honoring their womanhood whilst embodying their Divine Purpose. 


The Investment:

£2,222 (Pound Sterling) 

$3,111 (USD)